Insights from Data with R.

An Introduction for the Life and Environmental Sciences.

We are pleased to announce our brand new book, Insights from Data with R, An Introduction for the Life and Environmental Sciences. We call it Insights for short.

It is published by OUP and available from the OUP website.

Table of contents: Here is the Table of Contents (a pdf).

Preface: Here is the Preface section (a pdf).

Insights is designed and written for undergraduates in the life and environmental sciences. It assumes no knowledge of statistics, data or programming.

Insights is intended as a go-to resource to accompany undergraduates during their first experience of working with data to get answers.

Unique/important features of Insights include:

  • Based on very well received undergraduate data analysis courses taught by the authors.
  • Students work along with data from real scientific studies published on data repositories.
  • Has four detailed Workflow Demonstrations.
  • Focuses on developing solid foundations of data management, summarising, and visualisation, to get robust and reproducible insights.
  • Intentionally leaves statistical tests to subsequent courses/books.
  • Uses RStudio and the tidyverse.

For more information about the book, please check out the companion website, where there are extensive additional resources (including three of the four Workflow Demonstrations).

Our other book Getting Started with R, An Introduction for Biologists is for people that have already some experience with data analysis, and that want to learn or improve their R competence and confidence.