Many people we meet would like to use R, but have too much invested in a different application, and can’t find the time to dedicate to learning a whole new package. Others have graduate students and collaborators using R, and would like to provide greater assistance. The Booster Course is designed to give a boost up the initially steep learning curve associate with transitioning to R. It is also carefully designed to equip you with the tools to continue your own learning after the course.

We like to come to you and teach the course. This is high value for money as we charge a fixed rate for up to 30 participants.

Contact us to organise a course at your University or business.


We offer a range of modules that you can combine to make your and your staff’s optimal course. These modules concern implementing more advanced statistical analyses in R, such as mixed effect modelling, survival analysis, programming, and advanced visualisation. Typical course length depends on experience. With limited knowledge of R, we recommend 4-5 days; days 1-3 are the Booster course, followed by bespoke modules and often a clinic afternoon (or more) of BYOD: Bring your own data.

For a full list of available modules and further details, please contact us.