From the review of the book in Trends in Ecology and Evolution, by Graeme D. Ruxton, University of St. Andrews:

Vi Nugyen (Graduate Student):

“I’ve honestly got to say that it has been extremely helpful in my reacquaintance with R! I found the conversational and colloquial tone of the manuscript very effective in getting points across to the inexperienced R user (ie. me). In the past, referring to other R textbooks has left me feeling even more bewildered and confused than I originally was, as they all seem to assume that the inexperienced reader knows everything there is to know about R before they’ve consulted the book, whereas your manuscript explains everything SIMPLY from the start (I found this very important as I had very little, if any, remembrance of using R) in a very easy-to-follow and laid-back fashion. I found the lack of confusing and technical terms, and the conversational tone of the book an extremely helpful method in getting to understand R again.

The explanations of WHY certain commands and steps were done in R was a novel touch, as I don’t ever remember any other R textbook I’ve studied explain why they’ve done certain things.

I felt like I had constant help and guidance throughout the whole book, rather than feeling I was left alone to figure things out.”

Three anonymous reviewers:

Department of Biology, McGill University, Montreal (20-22 April 2009):

Andy Hector, Zurich University:

“… A brilliant demonstration of what multivariate methods are good for and how to implement them in R…”

Durham Anthropology and Biology (10-12 March 2008):

“This is the best course I’ve been on in the last 5 years.”

Marco Batalha, Federal University of São Carlos, Brasil (12th Nov 2008):

“Foi uma grande oportunidade para alunos e professores poderem assistir a esse curso no Brasil. Sua filosofia permite que alguém aprenda o R de maneira intuitiva e perceba as suas muitas poderosas ferramentas. O curso permite que alguém tenha uma transição suave de programas estatísticos orientados por menus para o R.”