For the uninitiated, R has a rather steep learning curve. We’ve developed a functional, example based approach to boosting you up the steepest part of the curve. We also focus on teaching you how to use R in a way that maximises your efficiency, productivity, and sanity. We start with that often elusive step of how to get your data into R…..

We pay special attention to equipping you to learn. We equip you with a solid foundation of skills, knowledge, and experience so that you can can acquire new R skills as and when you need them.

The core functional portion of our courses is a module on importing data, exploring data and visualising data. This module provides the foundation on which we build all other components and provides a consistent approach to all methods in R.

We use informative, interactive lectures with directed and self-directed practicals.

We are also a bit geeky and love to talk about R after work (at the pub, etc.)!